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The Institute for Compassion in Heidelberg
The most important journey of our lives is only 30 cm long: from the head to the heart.

The Institute for Compassion

Space for encounters on a heart level - with others and with yourself

Welcome to the Institute for Compassion in Heidelberg, Germany. May we briefly introduce ourselves? We are Petra Johns and Jan Mayer, the two founders of the Institute.

When we founded the Institute for Compassion in the fall of 2020, we had one thing in mind above all: we wanted to create a space where people could meet each other openly and honestly. With others, but also and above all with themselves.

It was and is our need for people to meet as they really are: without fear, without prejudice, without masks. The Institute for Compassion offers a protected space in order to be able to engage with one another safely and without prejudice.

In short: we want to help make the world a little more human!